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There Was Jazz

DIRECTOR: Feliks Falk


There Was Jazz
Feliks Falk
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, 88 min.

X Film Production


Łódź, the first half of the 50's. Jacek Karpiński arrives at the town from Poznań. He moves to Witek, who – together with his friends – plays in a band. Officially, the repertoire performed by the band is 'correct'. Unofficially, however, the boys eagerly hone beloved jazz standards. Jacek soon joins them as his skillful playing the banjo wins him recognition of the rest of the instrumentalists. Unfortunately, practicing 'illegal' music is burdened with sad consequences. The young performers repeatedly lose their jobs and fall victims to constant harassment and persecutions.
The screenplay was based on the authentic story of the famous "Melomani" band led by Jerzy "Duduś" Matuszkiewicz. The film is a tribute to the first 'underground' bands and soloists, trying to play the forbidden 'black' American music in Stalinist Poland. Instead of one main protagonist Feliks Falk presents in his film several parallel threads of people for whom jazz has become a way of life. The great advantage of the film are also beautiful photos shot by Witold Sobociñski, and obviously the music, performed by the Old Timers band.


1984 – "The Youth and Film" Film Debut Festival, Koszalin – Grand Prix 'Grand Amber' (Feliks Falk)
1984 – Gdynia Film Festival – Award of the Polish Jazz Archive (Feliks Falk)

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