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The Day of the Wacko

DIRECTOR: Marek Koterski


The Day of the Wacko
Marek Koterski
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, Dolby Stereo, 97 min
413 078

Zebra Film Studio


Vision Film, Non Stop Film Service


Juliusz Machulski, Włodzimierz Otulak


Jacek Bromski, Zbigniew Kula (Non Stop Film Service), Marek Składanowski (Non Stop Film Service)

Executive Producer:
Jacek Moczydłowski

Film Production Agency


The cult comedy by Marek Koterski. Adaś Miauczyński, 44, is dogged by bad luck. Ever tired, he is even afraid of opening his eyes once he wakes up. The neighbors, the dogs answering the call of nature wherever they please, the noise of roadworks, all get on his nerves. Meetings with his mother, son, let alone his ex only make him more overstressed. He is all alone. He lives a solitary life punctuated by comic rituals and habits.
Tortured by his obsessions, he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So, in order to break with his everyday routines, he sets off to the seaside, where he hopes to regenerate his worried mind...


2002 – Ińsko (Ińsko Film Summer) – Goldfish
2002 – Lubomierz (Polish Comedy Film Festival) – Brown Grenade
2002 – Gdynia Film Festival – Grand Prize (Grand Jury Award Golden Lion) for Best Film
2002 – Gdynia Film Festival – Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role
2002 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Sound
2002 – Gdynia Film Festival – Polish Filmmakers Association Award for "a creative portrayal of the present times"
2002 – "Polish Cinemas" Association Award – Golden Ticket for high box office returns
2003 – Eagle, Polish Academy Award for Best Screenplay
2003 – Eagle, Polish Academy Award for Best Male Lead
2003 – Tarnów (Tarnów Film Award) – Secial Youth Jury Award for the screenplay for the film
2006 – Lubomierz (Polish Comedy Film Festival) – Golden Sickle for best comedy of the last decade
2007 – Golden Duck (granted by the "Film" Magazine) – on the fiftieth anniversary in the category of best joke, for the scene "Adaś Miauczyński teaching his son English"

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