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Our filmography includes 130 feature films.


DIRECTOR: Juliusz Machulski


Juliusz Machulski
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, Dolby Stereo, 104 min.
2 200 943

Zebra Film Studio


Canal+ Poland, ITI Cinema


Juliusz Machulski, Jacek Moczydłowski, Jacek Bromski


Film Production Agency


Jurek Kiler, a cab driver, is a nice man in many aspects quite usual, but dogged by unusual bad luck. One morning however, an anti-terrorist squad arrests him, thus changing his life completely. He is mistaken by the police for a ruthless, professional hit man nicknamed 'Kiler'. Shy, confused, and sometimes funny loser suddenly begins to be regarded as a killer of international fame. He is admired and well-respected, not only by the inmates, but also by the police and prison officers. Even women take interest in him at last... After Jurek is sprung from jail by gangsters, he gets to know them better and finally finds out why they got him out of prison – then he ceases enjoying his fame and fortune. He resolves to take action. He leads the bigwigs down the garden path and comes unscathed out of it. After many adventures, pursuits and unexpected twists of the plot, the real killer finally gets caught and Jurek may return to his usual self. If it were not for the fact that for millions he still is a dangerous, (almost) perfect killer.


1997 – Gdynia Film Festival – "Golden Claqueur" Award of the Audience

1997 – Polish Cinemas Association Award – "Diamond Ticket" and "Double Diamond Ticket" Award for the Best Box Office Returns

1998 – Golden Duck awarded by the "Film" Monthly Magazine for Best Polish Film of 1997

1999 – Golden Duck awarded by the "Film" Monthly Magazine for Best Video in Poland in 1998

2008 – Koszalin Debut Film Festival "The Youth and Film" – Super Amber for best acting debut of the last decade (Małgorzata Kożuchowska)

Unia Europejska - Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

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