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DIRECTOR: Jerzy Sztwiertnia


Jerzy Sztwiertnia
psychological drama
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, 108 min.

Rondo Film Production


The second half of the nineteenth century. Janka, the daughter of a railroad stationmaster, fascinated by theater and at odds with her environment, rejects the proposal of Andrzej, the man who loves her, and after an argument with her father goes to the city where she is lucky to get a job in an open-air theater "Tivoli". She starts as a chorus girl, learning the difficult art of acting and a new way of living. She gets involved in an affair with Władek, a colleague from the theater, and establishes friendly relationship with the writer Głogowski, which results in her obtaining more and more interesting parts, yet she is constantly struggling with financial problems. When some people from the theater come up with the idea of establishing a new theater, they try to persuade Janka to go to Kotlicki, a rich man who is willing to give the money for the undertaking, but only personally to Janka. Janka understands what exactly this condition means, and refuses. Due to some intrigues, she does not get the promised part in a new play. After getting a message of her father's severe mental illness, she turns for help to Władek by whom she is pregnant. Władek refuses as he is interested already in some other actress – Majkowska who has taken Janka's place also on stage. Desperate, having no prospects and nothing to live on, she takes her own life.
The screenplay for the film is based on the novel by Władysław Reymont of the same title.

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