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DIRECTOR: Władysław Pasikowski


Władysław Pasikowski
psychological drama
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, 101’

Zebra Film Studio, The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School


Juliusz Machulski


Marcin Kroll, a soldier serving compulsory military service, deserts from the army unit when he finds out his wife is having an affair with his best friend. Kroll's move coincides with a suicide of a soldier who could not endure persecution by sadistic officers. Officers are afraid of a scandal: the suicide and desertion is too much for one army unit. They resolve to find the deserter on their own before the military prosecutor starts the investigation.


1991 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Cinematography (Paweł Edelman)
1991 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Directorial Debut (Władysław Pasikowski)
1991 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Supporting Actor (Cezary Pazura)
1991 – Gdynia Film Festival – Award of the President of the Polish Radio and Television Committee (Cezary Pazura)
1991 – Gdynia Film Festival – Award for Outstanding Performance (Bogusław Linda)
1991 – Gdynia Film Festival – Special Prize of the Jury (Władysław Pasikowski)
1991 – Warsaw Mermaid Award of the Club of Film Critics of the Polish Journalists Association – in the category of feature film (Władysław Pasikowski)
1991 – the 10th Review of Polish Feature Films, Włocławek – Grand Faience Award (Władysław Pasikowski)

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