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DIRECTOR: Jerzy Sztwiertnia


Jerzy Sztwiertnia
war film, biographical film
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, 79 min.


A sixty-year-old popular actor Władysław Czerkański, madly in love with a beautiful dancer Jadzia, marries her heedless of warnings. In the occupation period, when Polish artists are forbidden to perform during the events organized by Germans, Czerkański applies for a loan and by playing cards is going to get the money needed for his wife's treatment. For Jadzia is a drug addict. Soon she persuades her husband to go to Chris Sten, a theater director widely recognized as a traitor, who is looking for a leading man in a film directed by a Nazi collaborator. After reading the script, Władysław definitely rejects the offer. Meanwhile, behind her husband's back Jadzia borrows and wangles money, claiming that she is able to help in the release of close friends and family from the hands of the Gestapo. Being constantly in a cocaine daze, Jadzia agrees to inform Germans of the Poles involved in the underground activity.


Unia Europejska - Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

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