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Money Is Not Everything

DIRECTOR: Juliusz Machulski


Money Is Not Everything
Juliusz Machulski
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, 1:1,85, Dolby Dtereo, 107 min.
341 640

Zebra Film Studio


Canal+ Poland, TVN, ITI Cinema


Juliusz Machulski


Jacek Moczydłowski, Jacek Bromski, Paweł Mossakowski, Małgorzata Retej, Ryszard Sibilski, Marek Trojak

Executive Producer:
Jacek Moczydłowski

Film Production Agency


Tomasz, his wife Natalia and brother-in-law Wiesiek are coming home from the ceremony where Tomasz was awarded the title "The Small Business Leader of the Year". Tomasz, once a philosopher, today the maker of the Platon fruit wine, worries his partners by declaring that he intends to go out of business. After a row which breaks out afterwards Tomasz, coming home alone, has an accident. He is found by the residents of the nearby fallen state farm of the Communist era. They decide to take the businessman captive and demand money from his family. However, the family refuses to pay, so the residents require the businessman that he buy himself out on his own. Waiting for the opportunity to escape, Tomasz organizes a manufacturing facility of cheap wine.


2001 – International Film Festival in Shanghai, China – Best Actress (Stanisława Celińska)
2001 – Polish Comedy Film Festival in Lubomierz – Golden Grenade
2002 – Eagle, Polish Academy Award – Best supporting Actress (Stanisława Celińska)
2001 – Award of the Polish Cinemas Association – Silver Ticket for high box office returns

Unia Europejska - Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

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