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28 years and still rolling! We have produced 40 feature films and four TV series.
Our filmography includes 130 feature films.

The Seychelles

DIRECTOR: Bogusław Linda


The Seychelles
Bogusław Linda
Year of production:
Technical specs:
Color, 98’

Zebra Film Studio


Stefek, a petty thief, has trouble with the police and the criminal underworld. The boy finds shelter in a psychiatric hospital, where he tells other patients stories about the Seychelles – exotic islands, where there are no prison bars and the sun always shines. When criminals track Stefek down and torture to force him to repay his debt, the boy manages to escape and hide in the local opera house, where he gets a job as a night doorkeeper. Quickly he discovers that the place at nights turns into a brothel, and he himself functions there as a caretaker. He decides to save up the money for the repayment of the debt. One day at the opera house Dudzio turns up. He is one of the inmates of the hospital, dreaming of better life in the Seychelles. Shortly after, the gangsters also pick up Stefek's trail.

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