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In Darkness

DIRECTOR: Agnieszka Holland


In Darkness
Agnieszka Holland
war drama
Year of production:
Technical specs:
35 mm, DCP, HDcam, Dolby Digital, 144 min.
1 200 000

Zebra Film Studio,

Schmidtz Katze Filmkollectiv (Germany),

The Film Works (Canada).


Juliusz Machulski (Polish producer),

Steffen Reuter, Patrick Knippel, Marc–Daniel Dichant (German producers),

Paul Stephens, Eric Jordan (Canadian producers).

Supervising producer:
Wojciech Danowski
Executive Producer:
Andrzej Besztak

Polish Film Institute,

The City of Lodz Office,

Canal+ Poland.


Kino Świat (distribution in Poland)
Beta Cinema Gmbh (world sales)


Leopold Socha – a Polish sewer worker in Lvov, a Catholic, sinner, and a petty thief – provides shelter and support to the group of escapees from the Lvov's Ghetto by hiding them in the town's sewers for fourteen months. For money. However, what starts out as a good opportunity to make profit – when confronted with the immense suffering of the Jews hiding underground – leads to the creation of a deep emotional bond between Socha and the refugees. Leopold's story unfolds into a heroic struggle for human life, for the life of 'his Jews'...
This true story is told by the moving Agnieszka Holland's film "In Darkness", produced by Zebra Film Studio (in co-production with Germany and Canada), with an outstanding performance of Robert Więckiewicz.


"I would like this movie to be close to the characters and emotionally honest. With the camera following the characters through the endless labyrinth of the town's sewers. The darkness must remain dark and the audience should have the sensual feeling of being there together with the characters" - Agnieszka Holland


2011 - IFF Telluride

2011 - IFF Toronto

2011 - IFF Valladolid - Best Director Award (Agnieszka Holland)

2011 - MFF Mar Del Plata - Audience Award

2011 - Polish Film Festival in Chicago - "Golden Teenth" Award for the most interesting feature film

2011 - Festiwal Filmu Polskiego w Ameryce, Chicago - "Genius" Award for actor's performance (Robert Więckiewicz)

2011 - MFF Saint Louis - Audience Award

2011 - International Film Festival "Plus Camerimage" - "Golden Frog" for best cinematography (Jolanta Dylewska)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Grand Prix (Jury's  Grand Award "Golden Lions")

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Director Award (Agnieszka Holland )

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Cinematography Award  (Jolanta Dylewska)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Production Design (Erwin Prib)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Production Design (Katarzyna Sobańska)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Production Design (Marcel Sławiński)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Costume Design (Katarzyna Lewińska)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Costume Design (Jagna Janicka)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Editing Award (Michał Czarnecki)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Make-up Award (Janusz Kaleja)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Actor Award (Robert Więckiewicz)

2012 - Gdynia Polish Film Festival - Best Actress Award (Agnieszka Grochowska)

2012 - "Eagle", Polish Academy Award - Best Cinematography Award (Jolanta Dylewska)

2012 - "Eagle", Polish Academy Award - Best Actor Award (Robert Więckiewicz)

2012 - "Eagle", Polish Academy Award - Best Supporting Actress Award (Kinga Preis)

2012 - Inernational Film Festival "Manaki Brothers", Bitola - Grand Prix  "Golden Camera 300" (Jolanta Dylewska)

2012 - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienses (AMPAS) - Oscar® 2012 nomination in Best Foreign Language Film category

2012 - Polish Cinemas Association Award - "Diamond Ticket" Award for high box-office results

Unia Europejska - Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

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