Studio Filmowe ZEBRA

28 years and still rolling! We have produced 40 feature films and four TV series.
Our filmography includes 130 feature films.


Zebra Film Studio is one of the most experienced and recognized production companies of feature films in Poland, established in 1988.

The company's founder and head is Juliusz Machulski – director, scriptwriter and producer, a well-known author of the most popular Polish films.



Since its establishment, the studio has produced forty feature films and four TV series. Most of the productions won recognition of both cinema and TV audiences, including such films as: “Kiler”, “The Kiler Duo” (“Kilerów 2óch”), “The Art of Loving” (“Sztuka kochania”), “Porn” (“Porno”), “The Day of a Wacko” (“Dzień świra”), “Pigs” (“Psy”), or “In Darkness” (“W ciemności”). The most popular Polish comedy “Kiler” directed by Juliusz Machulski gathered more than 2 million viewers in theaters, and the copyright to its remake was acquired by the Walt Disney Company. Zebra's box-office and commercial successes are accompanied by numerous prestigious achievements and awards at the most important Polish and foreign festivals. One of the latest film of the studio, “In Darkness” directed by Agnieszka Holland, was nominated for the Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 2012.

Juliusz Machulski - zdjęcie

The founder and head of the Studio is Juliusz Machulski - director, scriptwriter and producer, a well-known author of the most popular Polish films.


Since 9th November 2011 Zebra Film Studio has been operating as the institution of culture. On that date, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage transformed state-owned film institutions under the name of Zebra Film Studio and Perspektywa Film Studio into a state institution of culture under the name of Zebra Film Studio.


Perspektywa Film Studio, since the moment of its founding in 1978, was run by Janusz Morgenstern, who died on 6th September 2012. He was the author of numerous movies which won awards at international film festivals, such as: “Do widzenia, do jutra” (“Goodbye, Till Tomorrow,”), “Jowita” (“Jovita”), “Trzeba zabić tę miłość” (“To Kill This Love”), “Żółty szalik” (“The Yellow Scarf”) and the most popular TV series such as “Stawka większa niż życie”, “Kolumbowie”, “Polskie drogi”. Perspektywa has produced 63 feature films for cinemas and dozens of films for television.
Filmography of Zebra Film Studio comprises over 130 feature films, 39 films made for television and 22 TV series.
Zebra provides production services and participates in national and international co-productions. For years, it has been cooperating with outstanding directors, actors and highly qualified professionals in the film production and distribution business.

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