Studio Filmowe ZEBRA

28 years and still rolling! We have produced 40 feature films and four TV series.
Our filmography includes 130 feature films.


zebra inni o nas jerzy stuhr"I decided to find a producer on my own (...). With a few sheets of script in my hand I headed to private televisions first. I thought: they are so ambitious, they should be interested. Well, it was quite the opposite. Juliusz Machulski was the only one who grasped what I meant. And took a risk (...). While working on "Love Stories" Julek turned out to be my greatest support."


"Juliusz Machulski as a producer is focused to release a well-made film."

"We understand each other very well. It is difficult to explicitly say, in which point he starts playing the role of a protector instead of producer. During the filming he would always give me a free rein."


Jerzy Stuhr in Jerzy Armata's interview "Cinema of moral parables"


zebra inni o nas krzysztof krauze"ZEBRA has its own strategy. On the one hand – entertainment, but on the other – ambitious films. Maybe not so difficult to be screened in empty theaters, but still. ZEBRA's films are expressive (...). With such blockbusters as "Kiler." There is no equivalent of ZEBRA in Polish film industry."

"(...) All the more I respect ZEBRA. They have created a unique opportunity for difficult, rebellious films in Polish cinematography without tormenting the viewer. What is more, it was ZEBRA's productions that overcame in the mid 1990s viewers' mistrust towards Polish films."


Krzysztof Krauze in Katarzyna Taras' interview "Here you can say 'NO'."


zebra inni o nas - agnieszka holland"This is the best and most active film studio of the existing ones. They are the guarantors of quality. It's easier to make a movie here to those who are not interested in making just a quick buck, and such indeed are ambitions of the Studio's management. The point is to enable important films to be made, and film studios are places where such productions, in all that deluge of trash, can still be made."


Agnieszka Holland in an interview about state-owned film studios "Puławska 61"


zebra inni o nas marek koterski"Four out of eight of my films were made at Puławska 61 Street. "Porn", "Nothing Funny," and "The Day of a Wacko" – by Zebra Film Studio and "Man, Chicks Are Just Different" ("Baby są jakieś inne") by Kadr Film Studio. I associate this place with prestige and professionalism. Here I have never felt any danger that we may not be able to finish a film under production and – perhaps most importantly to me – here I enjoy full artistic license. And the address is simple: Puławska 61. Let us protect the place and its film production activity, let us take care of its continuation. For you cannot keep starting all over from Monday. "


Marek Koterski in an interview about state-owned film studios "Puławska 61"


zebra inni o nas witold sobocinski"I am very pleased. It is my great satisfaction that I could revive this movie. "The Wedding" was reconstructed and given new artistic – and most of all visual – values in terms of a color conception. The image was strongly enhanced – by extending the format and adding new colors."


Witold Sobociński, about the restoration of Wajda's "The Wedding" pursued by the Zebra Film Studio.

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