galeria filmu Adam's Two Ribs

Adam's Two Ribs 1963


After a few years\' stay abroad, an engineer Jan Wiktus comes back to Gody, his home town, and his longing wife. Soon a beautiful Italian woman appears in the town and also turns out to be his wife. Both women decide that all three of them will live together in harmony under the same roof. However, the small-town conservative community is not going to tolerate bigamy. The local parish priest and the secretary of the Municipal Committee get involved in the affair. Even a prosecutor gets mixed up, though he does not regard the case as breaking the law, since the engineer got married in a church with just one of the wives, the other marriage being civil only.
This feature satire on a morality of a small town, where everyone knows everything about everybody, is yet full of warmth and optimism. In its day, this bold comedy gave rise to a lively discussion about boundaries of erotic and moral freedom.


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Black and white, 82 min


Syrena Film Production


Directed by:

Janusz Morgenstern

Written by:

Józef Hen

Cinematography by:

Bogusław Lambach

Edited by:

Janina Niedźwiecka

Music by:

Jerzy Matuszkiewicz

Sound by:

Bohdan Bieńkowski

Set Decoration by:

Zdzisław Kielanowski

Costume Designer:

Katarzyna Chodorowicz

Production Manager:

Franciszek Petersile


Renata Kossobudzka (Archive worker Jadwiga Turkułłówna)
Zygmunt Kęstowicz (Jan Wiktus),
Ewa Wawrzoń (Mrs Helena Wiktus),
Joanna Kostusiewicz (Paola Campobella, Wiktus\'s second wife),
Feliks Chmurkowski (Pharmacist Jan Paweł Maczek, Freethinkers\' Exponent),
Bohdan Ejmont (Górnicki, Party Secretary)
Tadeusz Surowa (Ignacy Rutkiewicz, MRN Chairman),
Jerzy Bielenia (Manager Jerzy Woźniak),
Jan Adamski (Parish Priest Leon Makowski),
Jan Mayzel (Engineer Leszek Nowicki),
Maria Kaniewska (Ms Anastazja, President of Women\'s League),
Barbara Połomska (Basia, Woźniak\'s mistress),
Zdzisław Maklakiewicz (Lisiecki, District Attorney),
Henry Modrzewski (teacher)
Józef Pieracki (Comrade),
Jerzy Walczak (Comrade),
Zdzisława Życzkowska (Mrs Woźniak),
Marek Lusztig (musician),
Krystyna Feldman (Gody\'s Resident staging a protest outside Wiktus\'s house),
Zofia Czerwińska (Gody\'s Resident staging a protest outside Wiktus\'s house),
Maria Chmurkowska (Mrs Maczek),
Genowefa Korska (waitress Aniela),
Niebiesko-Czarni (Band)