galeria filmu Idol

Idol 1984


The year 1969. A famous writer, Piotr Korton, a Polish immigrant living abroad since the mid fifties, dies in a hotel room. Journalist Tomasz Sołtan suggests writing an article about Korton. The chief editor refuses, explaining that Korton\'s death is too mysterious. Yet Tomasz starts researching on his own. An elderly journalist helps him by delivering a tape containing the last words of Korton. Sołtan then gets to Ilona Iwicka, Korton\'s mistress, and persuades her to talk openly about her relationship with Piotr. The more Tomasz engages in writing the article, the more he mentally becomes Korton, both as Ilona\'s lover and as a writer, trying to write in a way Korton did, and reading out his texts to his friends as the writer used to, singing his favorite songs, training boxing. Following Korton\'s example he becomes also interested in the motor industry, and visits the son of Korton who is now living in the orphanage. One day Korton\'s friends, including Ilona, throw a party in honor of their new idol. When the tipsy group of friends are on their way home, Tomek wants to repeat the famous Korton\'s \'number\' and go over the bridge spans to the other side.


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 90 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Feliks Falk

Written by:

Feliks Falk

Cinematography by:

Wiesław Zdort

Edited by:

Mirosława Garlicka

Music by:

Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz

Sound by:

Stanisława Dobek

Set Decoration by:

Jerzy Sajko

Costume Designer:

Grażyna Pściuk

Production Manager:

Jacek Szeligowski


Krzysztof Pieczyński (Tomasz Sołtan),
Ewa Żukowska (Ilona Iwicka, Korton\'s ex partner),
Jerzy Kamas (Karol "Olo" Panasiuk, Korton\'s friend),
Tadeusz Huk (Witek, Korton\';s friend),
Witold Dębicki (Maniek, Korton\';s friend),
Jerzy Wasiuczyński (Żabicki, Korton\';s friend),
Janusz Gajos (Józef Winiecki, editor in chief),
Zbigniew Zapasiewicz (censor),
Krzysztof Zaleski (Grobny),
Katarzyna Zadrożny (Sołtan\'s girl; in the opening credits appeared as Zadrożna),
Bożena Rogalska,
Ernestyna Winnicka (woman in TV),
Maria Czubasiewicz,
Małgorzata Załuska,
Cezary Karpiński,
Piotr Machalica (owner of the room rented by Sołtan),
Jerzy Fedorowicz (member of the editorial board),
Ryszard Sobolewski (editor in chief),
Grzegorz Warchoł (assistant director),
Ryszard Mróz (motorbike owner)