galeria filmu Capital, or How To Make Money in Poland

Capital, or How To Make Money in Poland 1989


Piotr Nowosad, holder of the University of Warsaw grant in the US, after two years of working in the US returns to Poland with the capital of several thousand dollars. His friends suggest various ways to make use of the money, while his wife Barbara wishes for a good car and a bank deposit. Piotr decides to set up a fast food outlet selling fries and French bread pizzas, but the competition soon drives him out of business. All his attempts to enter the circle of business people also fail. Piotr seeks advice from an old Jew, Serafim, who suggests... that he should bury the money. His next enterprises – a copy shop and a marriage bureau – go up in smoke as well. During his holiday in the mountains, Nowosad meets Szymański, who offers him buying a frog farm for the export market. Unfortunately, this time the plans to develop the business are thwarted by the Conservation Association. Devastated, he unexpectedly learns from the TV news that his scientific work in the field of sociology has become a commercial success in England. Piotr is preparing to travel to London.


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 105 min.



Directed by:

Feliks Falk

Written by:

Feliks Falk

Cinematography by:

Witold Adamek

Edited by:

Agnieszka Bojanowska

Music by:

Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz

Sound by:

Małgorzata Rok

Set Decoration by:

Barbara Nowak

Costume Designer:

Małgorzata Obłoza

Production Manager:

Dorota Ostrowska-Orlińska


Piotr Machalica (Piotr Nowosad),
Gabriela Kownacka (Barbara Nowosad),
Jakub Jabłoński (Mateusz, the Nowosads\' son),
Andrzej Grabowski (Stefan Sapieja, Nowosad\'s friend)
Tadeusz Huk (associate professor Kasiński, the owner of the matrimonial agency),
Leonard Pietraszak (Leon Szymański),
Jolanta Piętek-Górecka (Ewa, a secretary in the matrimonial agency),
Marek Kondrat (Czarek Putek), Anna Chitro (Mrs Putek),
Tomasz Lengren (Kurdyba),
Grzegorz Warchoł (Jerzy Ludwiczak, Nowosad\'s partner),
Andrzej Mrowiec (Marian Dusza, inspector),
Jerzy Nowak (Serafin),
Michał Juszczakiewicz (Bekiet),
Maria Mamona (matrimonial agency client),
Igor Przegrodzki (Rosochaty, a marriage agency client)
Ferdynand Matysik (associate professor Gabryś),
Marek Barbasiewicz (Brun),
Andrzej Fedorowicz (a man at the party)
Teodor Gendera (Mieczysław Chyła),
Monika Luft (Aniutka),
Janusz Majewski (as himself),
Krzysztof Teodor Toeplitz (as himself)