galeria filmu The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger

The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger 2005


The year 1913. Two Poles escape from exile across the Siberian taiga. Their attempt to cross the dangerous Amur River bordering on China ends in a tragedy. As a result one of them, Stankiewicz (Norbert Rakowski), dies while the other, Wolski, badly wounded and exhausted by the murderous trek, loses consciousness. Old Chinese hunter Guo (Su Ji Feng) finds him when he is still unconscious. The hunter takes the wounded getaway to his hut in the mountains, where he lives with his wife and the beautiful 16-year-old daughter by the name of Song. Not to push their luck, the parents make the girl cut her hair, dress like a man and altogether hide her female identity. Will all this stop the budding love of the young Chinese girl for the stranger from a far-off country?

The first Polish-Chinese co-production.


Year of production:



Zhao Guo Guang, Yan Xiao Ming, Jacek Bromski, Włodzimierz Otulak, Juliusz Machulski

Executive Producer:

Lu Hong Shi, Włodzimierz Otulak


historical drama



Technical specs:

Color, Dolby Digital, 104 min


Zebra Film Studio, Changchun Film Studio, Polish Television TVP S.A. - Film Agency, Vision Film, China Film Channel, Canal+ Poland


Song Jiang Bo, Wojciech Danowski


Film Production Agency


Directed by:

Jacek Bromski

Written by:

Jacek Bromski

Cinematography by:

Marcin Koszałka

Edited by:

Wojciech Mrówczyński

Music by:

Grzegorz Daroń, Henri Seroka

Sound by:

Yang Yue Dong, Wojciech Chudziński

Set Decoration by:

Wei Hong Yu

Costume Designer:

Wu Xiu, Andrzej Szenajch

Production Manager:

Liu Zhi Cheng, Piotr Śnieg, Wu Ya Kang (Mandżuria), Qi Song (Pekin), Jia Qing (ChangChun)


Michał Żebrowski (Wolski),
Li Min (Song),
Sun Ji Feng (Guo),
Zhao Feng Xia (mama Guo),
Zhao Nai Xun (shaman),
Li Dai Di (fur trader),
Jerzy Sie-Grabowski (old Chinese),
Hao Tie Nan (gold digger),
Jie Fu (driver),
Romuald Morawski (consul),
Wang Yi Nuo (consul\'s secretary),
Li Zhong (Mongolian guide),
Norbert Rakowski (Stankiewicz),
Łukasz Bromski (Russian officer),
Jan Maj (NCO),
Irena Sławińska (old peasant woman)