galeria filmu Colossus

Colossus 1993


Brage, a young man from distant and cold Norway is exactly as the world in which he was raised: strong, honest and holding onto the simple system of values. As a child he suffered from polio and was confined to wheelchair, but thanks to his strong willpower he managed to overcame his disability. Now he lives in a wooden hut lost somewhere in the mountains. His only neighbors are Liv Bjornehiet and her father. The boy falls in love with a delicate, fragile, lovely girl and she reciprocates his intense feelings. However, before marrying the girl, he wants to put his feelings to the test. Urged by his stepbrother Bentein, the boy signs as a seaman on a ship going on a one-year cruise. On the way back to Norway, Brage and Bentein disembark in Hamburg. There they visit St. Paula\'s red light district, where they get into a fight with German skinheads. Brage accidentally kills one of the attackers and gets arrested.
Made in the Polish-Norwegian co-production Witold Leszczyński\'s film is an adaptation of a novel by Finn Alnaes.


Year of production:



Janusz Morgenstern, Jerzy Buchwald, Trond G. Lockertsen, Inge Tenvik

Executive Producer:

Tadeusz Drewno





Technical specs:

Color, 87 min.


Perspektywa, Perspektywa Film Studio, Regional Film (Norway), Nordic Film and Television Fund (Norway), Filminor Oy (Norway)


Perspektywa Film Studio, The Norwegian Film Institute, The Finnish Film Foundation, Credit Service


Directed by:

Witold Leszczyński

Written by:

Witold Leszczyński

Cinematography by:

Grzegorz Kędzierski

Edited by:

Waldemar Ostanówko

Music by:

Andrzej Nowak, Krzesimir Dębski

Sound by:

Janusz Rosół

Set Decoration by:

Krzysztof Stefankiewicz

Costume Designer:

Zofia Pruchnicka, Ellen Waaler

Production Manager:

Kazimierz Sioma


Ove Christian Owe (Brage Bragesson),
Karolina Rosińska (Liv Bjornehiet),
Leon Niemczyk (Stefan Borovitz, Brage\'s lawyer),
Krzysztof Ibisz (Bentein Dagestad, Brage\'s stepbrother),
Sverre Anker Ousdal (Bjorn),
Marek Kondrat (prosecutor),
Geo von Krogh (Talemagukken),
Nina Maria Eidheim (Brage\'s mother),
Maria Wawszczyk (Gerda),
Tine Skarland (Elsa),
Janusz Kubicki (judge),
Maciej Zalewski (Hans),
Eliza Sroka (dark-eyed ticket agent at the station),
Tatiana Sosna-Sarno (barmaid),
Lucky Lockertsen (Dr Vian),
Iwona Marciniec (Ruth, Borovitz\'s daughter),
Tehung Tran (oriental man),
Jan Kukliński (guest),
Steinar Flanes (Sigurd)