galeria filmu I Like Bats

I Like Bats 1985


Iza is a girl from a good family, who, along with her aunt, runs a shop of curiosities. But Iza is also a beautiful vampire who seduces and kills men. One day Marceli – a handsome and level-headed man – dies. Her next victim is a traveling salesman met in a bar, where Iza, dressed as a prostitute, is seeking ways to satisfy her vampire lust. When Iza turns to a well-known psychiatrist Rudolf Jung and asks him to heal her of \'vampirism\', the doctor initially does not believe in her disease, but the X-ray analysis convinces him that his patient is not actually a human being. He resolves to help her out, but in hospital Iza starts killing again. When Rudolf confesses he is in love with her, it turns out that Iza reciprocates his feelings. After the first physical contact with a man, Iza starts to develop human attributes. They get married soon, but after a few years it comes to light that vampirism is hereditary.


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 76 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Grzegorz Warchoł

Written by:

Krystyna Kofta, Grzegorz Warchoł

Cinematography by:

Krzysztof Pakulski

Edited by:

David Naden

Music by:

Zbigniew Preisner

Sound by:

Grażyna Niewińska

Set Decoration by:

Krzysztof Baumiller, Wiesław Olko

Costume Designer:

Ewa Pakulska

Production Manager:

Andrzej Janowski


Katarzyna Walter (Iza),
Marek Barbasiewicz (Rudolf Jung),
Małgorzata Lorentowicz (Iza\'s aunt),
Jonasz Kofta (drug addict, patient in Jung\'s clinic),
Edwin Petrykat (Marceli),
Jan Prochyra (Grześ Peruka),
Andrzej Grabarczyk (gardener at Jung\'s clinic),
Wiktor Grotowicz (Szulc, hipnotist at Jung\'s clinic),
Elżbieta Panas (nurse at Jung\'s clinic),
Sławomir Kozłowski (man in a white trench coat),
Tadeusz Skorulski (detective),
Andrzej Mrozek (patient in Jung\'s clinic),
Eliasz Kuziemski (pedlar)