galeria filmu Citizen of the World

Citizen of the World 1991


A would-be scientist, a priest, a former SB officer, a rock star and a wife of an American businessman were once schoolmates and had similar dreams – they wanted to be someone. Their fortunes have developed in all sorts of ways – some of them were more or less successful, while others live in poverty and bitterness. But in fact they are all still looking for their place in life. One of the main characters – Janek, who is a rock musician, receives a convertible from a beautiful stranger. Because of this gift parked outside the house, his girlfriend Kaśka throws him out of the apartment. Janek grudgingly returns to his hometown, where a reunion organized by the local high school is taking place. Here the question of the mysterious present finds its explanation – it was from Ewa, Janek\'s ex girlfriend. In the past, due to a series of events and the imposition of martial law they lost touch with each other. Now Ewa is married to an American, the owner of the record company who is willing to sign a contract with Janek; the car is supposed to be an advance payment. The former schoolmates\' meeting, with too much alcohol and jealousy of the success of Ewa who was so \'lucky\', turns into a nasty, full of bitterness and regrets usual Polish squabbling.


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 79 min.



Directed by:

Roland Rowiński

Written by:

Roland Rowiński

Cinematography by:

Jarosław Żamojda

Edited by:

Mirosława Garlicka

Music by:

Grzegorz Ciechowski

Sound by:

Aleksander Gołębiowski

Set Decoration by:

Zenon Wojciech Jaworski

Costume Designer:

Elżbieta Radke

Production Manager:

Paweł Rakowski


Jan Frycz (Janek Borowski),
Adrianna Biedrzyńska (Ewa),
Marek Kondrat (Harry Stentman, Ewa\'s husband)
Mirosław Baka (Andrzej),
Mieczysław Morański (Włodek),
Piotr Siwkiewicz (Father Jacek),
Bronisław Pawlik (Professor "Pała"),
Joanna Trzepiecińska (Joasia, Andrzej\'s wife),
Katarzyna Figura (Kaśka, Janek\'s girlfriend),
Jan Jankowski (Franek),
Anna Prucnal (singer in a club)
Wojciech Walasik (Wojtek),
Jerzy Mercik (Jurek),
Anna Gornostaj (Magda),
Katarzyna Butowtt (Kaśka),
Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak (Jolka),
Jacek Pawlak (Jacek),
Krystyna Feldman (Janek\'s grandmother),
Antoni Majak (Janek\'s grandfather),
Jacek Różański (Jacek, Janek\'s manager),
Richard Boulez (Robert, Harry\'s secretary),
Maciej Orłoś (Kaśka\'s fiancé)
Jan Chojnacki (presenter announcing Janek\'s concert at the Congress Hall)