galeria filmu Olympics 40

Olympics 40 1980


The year 1940. Prisoners of war – soldiers from Poland, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Norway – live in a German Stalag. Depressing captivity, backbreaking work in the quarries, food shortages and a lack of hope for the liberation cause quarrels and ethnic divisions among the prisoners. Lieutenant Schultze, who arrives at Stalag from Berlin, is supposed to help the Camp Commander establish iron discipline and increase productivity in the quarries. Among the Polish prisoners Schultze recognizes Piotr, who was his rival at the Olympics in Berlin in 1936. He offers Piotr a better treatment in exchange for cooperation. Piotr refuses. He is involved in the organization of the POW Olympic Games aimed at unification of all ethnic groups of prisoners. The Olympics enthusiasts devise ways to modify the particular sports events so that they could be held in the camp conditions. Underground trainings begin...
The film is based on real events that took place in September 1940 in the Nazi XIII C Langwasser Stalag, where prisoners – on the initiative of the Poles – organized underground sports games.


1982 – International Sports Film Festival in Rennes – award of the President of France
1984 – Award of the Minister of National Defence – special mention for Andrzej Kotkowski
1980 – Golden Laurel of the Polish Olympic Committee (Andrzej Kotkowski)


Year of production:



war drama



Technical specs:

Color, 96 min.


X Film Production


Directed by:

Andrzej Kotkowski

Written by:

Andrzej Kotkowski, Michał Komar

Cinematography by:

Witold Adamek

Edited by:

Irena Choryńska

Music by:

Andrzej Korzyński

Sound by:

Robert Zbigniew Mędlewski

Set Decoration by:

Zbigniew Ostoja-Zagórski, Edmund Siekierski

Production Manager:

Stefan Adamek


Mariusz Benoit (Piotr),
Jerzy Bończak (Jacques),
Tadeusz Galia (Leon),
Krzysztof Janczar (Andrzej),
Ryszard Kotys (guard Schlappke),
Igor Przegrodzki (major Hans von Klabe, the camp commander),
Wojciech Pszoniak (Otto Schultze),
Marek Siudym (Jan Mroczek),
Bolesław Abart (guard Fritz),
Edward Bukowian-Bryła (Olaf),
Aleksander Kalinowski (O\'Brian),
Leonard Szewczuk (Francis),
Jan Hencz (superior of the Belgians),
Andrzej Rausz (superior of the Norwegians),
Stanisław Jaskułka (prisoner cyclist),
Władysław Kornak,
Ferdynand Matysik (Rudi, a German doctor)