galeria filmu The Maids of Wilko

The Maids of Wilko 1979


Wiktor Rubens, a man just under forty, comes to the countryside and visits his aunt and uncle\'s house, as well as a nearby manor house where he spent his youthful years accompanied by the young girls living there. A lot has since changed. His aunt and uncle have aged. The life of the once young girls of Wilko is also different now: Julia is a mother of twin daughters, Jola, who had always been so emancipated, got married, Fela died unexpectedly, Zosia and Kasia have also changed and little Tunia has blossomed into a beautiful girl. The presence of Ruben, his memories and desire to revive the past, disturb the illusory peaceful life of the residents, reveal their complicated fate, tragedies and failures. Ruben leaves the place and resolves never to come back.
The film adaptation of a short story by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz "Panny z Wilka" ("Maids of Wilko") was in 1980 nominated for the Oscar® Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.


1979 – Gdynia Film Festival – Special Jury Prize
1979 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Production Design (Allan Starski)
1979 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Production Design (Maria Osiecka-Kuminek)
1980 – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienses (AMPAS) - Oscar® nomination in Best Foreign Language Film category
1980 – The Viewer\'s Seat (ZRF award) – for highest box office returns in the first year, granted at Gdynia Film Festival.


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 116 min.


X Film Production, Pierson Production - Les Films Moliere


Directed by:

Andrzej Wajda

Written by:

Zbigniew Kamiński

Cinematography by:

Edward Kłosiński

Edited by:

Halina Prugar

Music by:

Karol Szymanowski

Sound by:

Piotr Zawadzki

Set Decoration by:

Allan Starski

Costume Designer:

Wiesława Starska

Production Manager:

Barbara Pec-Ślesicka, Tony Moliere (Francja)


Daniel Olbrychski (Wiktor Ruben),
Anna Seniuk (Julcia),
Christine Pascal (Tunia; in the opening credits as Pascale),
Maja Komorowska (Jola),
Stanisława Celińska (Zosia),
Krystyna Zachwatowicz (Kazia),
Zofia Jaroszewska (Wiktor\'s aunt),
Tadeusz Białoszczyński (Wiktor\'s uncle),
Paul Dutron (Jola\'s husband),
Zbigniew Zapasiewicz (Kawecki, Julcia\'s husband),
Joanna Poraska (mother of the sisters),
Andrzej Łapicki (doctor in Stokroć),
Kazimierz Brodzikowski (butler in Wilko),
Alina Rostkowska,
Kazimierz Orzechowski (priest in Stokroć),
Halina Michalska,
Jolanta Kozak-Sutowicz,
Krystyna Wolańska,
Witold Kałuski (coachman in Wilko),
Edward Ożana,
Andrzej Szenajch (Jola\'s guest from Warsaw),
Barbara Stępniakówna,
Andrzej Grzybowski,
Anna Wachnicka (Julcia\'s daughter),
Małgorzata Wachnicka (Julcia\'s daughter),
Filip Jasieński (Kazia\'s son)