galeria filmu Full Moon

Full Moon 1979


Wojtek, an architect moving up the career ladder, is fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city life. He leaves the town and retreats to the country. Neither his old friend nor his wife – a popular actress with whom he feels bound only by living in the same apartment – are able to persuade him to come back. Wojtek, claiming that he is on his well-deserved vacation he had not taken in years, spends a lot of time contemplating his present life. He carries out an in-depth analysis and draws conclusions. Friendship with the locals whose problems he truly cares about, as well as integration into the rhythm of life in accordance with the nature, create favorable conditions for recuperation and rediscovery of the values compromised. After some time Wojtek autonomously makes a decision to return to his work and home. He leaves the country stronger, mentally fortified and enriched by new observations and reflections that he would not be able to experience in his busy city life.


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Black and white, 92 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Andrzej Kondratiuk

Written by:

Andrzej Kondratiuk

Cinematography by:

Witold Leszczyński

Edited by:

Krzysztof Osiecki

Music by:

Włodzimierz Nahorny

Sound by:

Aleksander Gołębiowski

Set Decoration by:

Jan Banucha

Costume Designer:

Andrzej Kondratiuk

Production Manager:

Halina Kawecka


Tomasz Zaliwski (Wojtek),
Tadeusz Fijewski (grandfather Foton),
Jan Świderski (cattleman Teodor),
Roman Kłosowski (comrade Roman),
Janusz Gajos (Janek),
Józef Nowak (Mietek),
Iga Cembrzyńska (Wojtek\'s wife),
Anna Milewska (Helena, Mietek\'s wife),
Anna Seniuk (saleswoman Zosia),
Zofia Kopacz (bartender Karinka),
Franciszek Dzierżanowski (Franek)