galeria filmu The Shadow Line

The Shadow Line 1976


The year 1886. A young British navy officer Conrad-Korzeniowski, a Pole of origin, after several years of service is about to come home. Unexpectedly, he gets a proposal to take command of a merchant ship Otago, captain of which had died suddenly. Conrad\'s task is to take the ship from Bangkok into Singapore. The ship turns out to be neglected and the crew undisciplined. A cholera epidemic breaks out and, to cap it all, a dead calm causes the ship to stall in the ocean. Despite all these obstacles, Conrad succeeds in bringing Otago to its destination.

A film adaptation of the novel by Joseph Conrad The Shadow Line.
The film is a Polish-British co-production.


1976 – Gdynia Film Festival – Jury\'s Main Prize
1978 – International Seafaring Film Review, Szczecin – Golden Frigate (audience award)
1979 – Cartagena International Marine Film Festival – Silver Caravel


Year of production:



historical/psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 100 min.


X Film Production, Thames Television


Directed by:

Andrzej Wajda

Written by:

Bolesław Sulik, Andrzej Wajda

Cinematography by:

Witold Sobociński

Edited by:

David Naden

Music by:

Wojciech Kilar, Lech Brański

Sound by:

Wiesława Dembińska

Set Decoration by:

Teresa Barska, Allan Starski

Costume Designer:

Krystyna Zachwatowicz

Production Manager:

Barbara Pec-Ślesicka, Nikoła Welew


Marek Kondrat (captain Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski),
Graham Lines (first mate Burns),
Tom Wilkinson (cook Ransome),
Berhard Archard (captain Elis),
John Bennett (Singapore club host),
Martin Wyldeck (captain Giles),
Richard Bartlett (military doctor),
Peter Cartwright,
Piotr Cieślak (second officer Miles),
Geoffrey Collins,
Geoffrey Hinsliff,
Zygmunt Hubner (captain Kent),
Eugeniusz Priwieziencew (seaman Frenchy),
John Quentin,
Gordon Richardson (port doctor),
Stanisław Tym (merchant Jacobus),
Jeffery Wickham,
Jerzy Zelnik (Rowley, secretary of the harbormaster\'s office),
Marian Czyżewski,
Stefan Friedmann (seaman),
Piotr Garlicki (young captain in the club),
Tadeusz Jastrzębowski,
Krzysztof Kumor (in the opening credits with the name initial Z.),
Zygmunt Maciejewski (cargo owner)