galeria filmu Chance

Chance 1979


The film shows the life of a high school of 1970s seen from the angle of a conflict between a history teacher and PE teacher who compete with each other.
The 1970s. A new PE teacher starts working in a provincial high school. Being a very energetic person, he immediately resolves to devote himself to the subject so far quite neglected. He establishes a handball team, organizes after school trainings, gets all the necessary equipment, and his efforts are soon rewarded with the forthcoming sport successes. The opinion about school, so far quite unfavorable, starts improving and Janota himself wins the support of the headmaster and his colleagues\' liking. However, frequent trainings become more and more time consuming, causing students to neglect other subjects. With time, Janota begins to manipulate the team members, gets control over his pupils, resorts to blackmail and frames one of the boys into being an informer. Meanwhile, the history teacher is preparing for the upcoming school celebration, during which he is going to present a play. However, the rehearsals for the play cannot be held regularly because students are caught on their sports workouts. The headmaster decides to cancel the performance to the advantage of the sports event. The history teacher does not want to accept the decision and tries to oppose, but other teachers side with the coach. When the situation seems to be settled, happens something that shows the PE teacher in a different light. The history teacher discovers something that completely changes the course of events...


1979 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Actor (Jerzy Stuhr)
1980 – International Film Festival in Locarno - Special mention (Feliks Falk)


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 87 min.


X Film Production


Directed by:

Feliks Falk

Written by:

Feliks Falk

Cinematography by:

Edward Kłosiński

Edited by:

Mirosława Garlicka

Music by:

Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz

Sound by:

Marek Wronko

Set Decoration by:

Teresa Smus-Barska

Costume Designer:

Małgorzata Moskwa-Braszka

Production Manager:

Arkadiusz Orłowski


Jerzy Stuhr (Zbyszek Ejmont, a history teacher)
Krzysztof Zaleski (Krzysztof Janota, a PE teacher),
Tomasz Zięciowski (Irek Stefański),
Elżbieta Karkoszka (Agata, Ejmont\'s wife),
Ewa Kolasińska (Ms Maryla Lipko, a PE teacher),
Sława Kwaśniewska (Ms Sawicka, a teacher)
Iwona Biernacka (Ewa),
Andrzej Buszewicz (school principal Jacewicz),
Jerzy Nowak (Mr Mołda, a teacher),
Tadeusz Huk (Tadek Matysiak, a football player),
Bogusław Sobczuk (Kos, "Poltech" president)
Jerzy Fedorowicz (doctor)
Feliks Szajnert (Podleśny, a secretary of a school party section)
Zbigniew Szpecht (Nadolski),
Jerzy Wasiuczyński (community center manager),
Antonina Barczewska (teacher)
Ewa Milde (Krystynka),
Krystyna Szumilak (Kos\'s wife),
Halina Wyrodek (teacher),
Bogdan Bentyn (Szafraniec),
Marek Dowmunt(d) (Chairman of the "Poltech" council)
Janusz Grzywacz (pianist),
Stanisław Michno (teacher),
Stefan Mienicki (fitter)
Irena Kosecka,
Marek Probosz,
Bogdan Kiziukiewicz,
Grzegorz Rekliński,
Grzegorz Tusiewicz,
Józef Wolak,
Wiesław Wójcik (warehouseman)