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Entanglement 2011


There are secrets which cannot be hidden in a bank safe. Secrets too terrible to ever come to light... What should possibly happen to transform an ordinary man into a killer? Is it possible to kill in a semi-hypnotic trance and not to remember a thing the next morning? If there is a victim, a perpetrator must also be somewhere around. In this film adaptation of the best-selling crime novel by Zygmunt Miłoszewski, the killer is tracked down by the cynical detective Smolar and the uncompromising female prosecutor Agata Szacka. The duo forms an explosive mixture, not only due to their temperaments, but also the love affair they had in the past. Szacka, in the course of the most challenging in her career investigation, touches upon the stories circulating for years as legends, which no one expected might be true. Do the secrets hidden for years come to light by accident, or maybe they are cleverly controlled by someone? And who took over the Department D files containing embarrassing secrets of the people who make the front pages of the newspapers?

The latest thriller directed by Jacek Bromski keeps you in suspense until the very last scene. It turns out that information is the most powerful of weapons, whereas the knowledge of human weaknesses may be the best life insurance policy.

"Entanglement" is a film that speaks loudly about subjects some find too scary to touch even in whisper.


Year of production:



Juliusz Machulski

Executive Producer:

Wojciech Danowski



Technical specs:

35 mm, DigiBeata, HD, dolby DIGITAL, 128 min.


130 000


Zebra Film Studio,  


Krakow Festival Office, Canal+ Poland


Magdalena Sroka, Beata Ryczkowska, Jacek Bromski


Polish Film Institute (loan), Krakow Film Commission


Directed by:

Jacek Bromski

Written by:

Jacek Bromski, Juliusz Machulski

Cinematography by:

Marcin Koszałka

Edited by:

Krzysztof Szpetmański

Music by:

Ludek Drizhal

Sound by:

Jan Freda

Set Decoration by:

Ryszard Melliwa

Costume Designer:

Barbara Łagowska

Production Manager:

Ewa Jastrzębska


Maja Ostaszewska (prosecutor Agata Szacka),
Marek Bukowski (commissioner Sławomir Smolar),
Danuta Stenka (Jadwiga Telakowa, Henryk\'s wife),
Andrzej Seweryn (president Witold),
Olgierd Łukaszewicz (psychotherapist Cezary Rudzki),
Piotr Adamczyk (Antoni Szacki, Agata\'s husband),
Krzysztof Pieczyński (Igor, Witold\'s man),
Krzysztof Stroiński (Karol Wenzel),
Adam Woronowicz (Leszek Kopeć, IPN archive worker),
Małgorzata Buczkowska-Szlenkier (Hanna Kwiatkowska, group therapy participant),
Dorota Pomykała (Barbara Jarczyk, group therapy participant),
Małgorzata Zajączkowska (chief of the prosecutor\'s office, Szacka\'s boss),
Maciej Wierzbicki (Kaim, group therapy participant),
Krzysztof Globisz (Henryk Telak),
Jerzy Grałek (chief police officer, Smolar\'s boss),
Lena Czaplicka (Agnieszka Szacka, daughter of Agata and Antoni),
Iwona Bielska (woman of Mamcarz)
Mikołaj Grabowski (captain Mamcarz)
Ryszard Łukowski (commissioner Walendziak),
Dobromir Dymecki (police officer Kumerski),
Piotr Nowak (police officer Wolniak),
Aleksander Skowroński (janitor in Przegorzały),
Beata Paluch (librarian),
Mateusz Janicki (Kamil Sosnowski),
Adam Dzienis (pathologist),
Jakub Przebindowski (prison doctor in the 1980s),
Krzysztof Pyziak (prisoner in the 1980s),
Kajetan Wolniewicz (bum),
Krzysztof Bochenek (street warden),
Maciej Małysa (street warden)
Maciej Słota (policeman),
Sławomir Zapała (journalist Gienio)
Marek Karpowicz (technician),
Jan Mancewicz (forensic doctor),
Joanna Kupińska (airport security guard)
Julia Pogrebińska (secretary at Telak\'s company)
Magdalena Michniak (blonde, president\'s partner),
Adam Szarek (policeman)
Tomasz Augustynowicz (policeman in Przegorzały)
Matylda Baczyńska (Mrs Jadwiga Telak in the 1980s),
Maciej Dancewicz (Telak in the 1980s)
Marcin Velinow (muscleman)
Janusz Morgenstern (Professor Andrzej Zieleniecki, Szacka\'s father)
Julia Kolberger (doctor at the hospital)