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Vinci 2004


Having botched a heist, Tsuma is doing time in jail. All of a sudden, he is temporarily released without having even applied for it. Now he has two months to recover from his ailments, long enough to pull of a heist of the century. What he needs is a plan, a partner, and... dough. Just this last time.
Julian used to be called Hornet. He was then the best pal to have in the burglar trade. However, Julian has settled down now and found an honest job. Yet there is no escaping from your past, let alone from the best friend you are under an obligation to give allegiance to. Besides, this is a matter of honor. So, like it or lump it, Julian will comply with Tsuma\'s offer but for the last time...
Hagen is reputed to be an outstanding painter who has never gone public, though. Yet, only the few in the know can fully appreciate his skills: he is second to none when it comes to telling the original from its copy; considering the amount of practice he has had... He is leading a monk\'s life, though. Will they manage to talk him into joining their scheme... for the last time?
Magda is about to finish her conservator studies. As a matter of fact, she would have finished already but for her penchant for correcting the old masters. Consequently, they sent her packing during her last exam. Such a talent already wasted? Impossible! An offer she is given is as unexpected as it is fascinating. Could anyone have ever dreamed up a better one for starters?


2004 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Screenplay (Juliusz Machulski)
2004 – Courmayeur Noir In Festival (International Mystery Festival) – Outstanding Performance – Robert Więckiewicz
2004 – Courmayeur Noir In Festival (International Mystery Festival) – Outstanding Performance – Borys Szyc
2005 – Award of the Polish Cinemas Association – Silver Ticket for high box office returns


Year of production:



Juliusz Machulski

Executive Producer:

Wojciech Danowski, Jacek Moczydłowski


crime comedy



Technical specs:

Color, 1:1,85, Dolby Digital, 108 min.


344 857


Zebra Film Studio,  


TVN, ITI Film Studio, Documentary and Feature Film Production Company

Production cooperation:

Non Stop Film Service


Dariusz Gąsiorowski, Marek Trojak, Włodzimierz Niderhaus


Canal+ Poland, Film Production Agency


Directed by:

Juliusz Machulski

Written by:

Juliusz Machulski

Cinematography by:

Edward Kłosiński

Edited by:

Jarosław Pietraszek

Music by:

Maciej Staniecki

Sound by:

Małgorzata Lewandowska, Marek Wronko

Set Decoration by:

Monika Sajko-Gradowska

Costume Designer:

Ewa Machulska

Production Manager:

Dorota Ostrowska-Orlińska, Jan Kaczmarski


Robert Więckiewicz (Robert Cumiński "Cuma")
Borys Szyc (Julian Wolniewicz "Szerszeń"),
Mieczysław Grąbka (fence Mieczysław "Gruby"),
Marcin Dorociński (commissioner Łukasz Wilk),
Kamilla Baar (Magda),
Jacek Król (Werbus),
Jan Machulski (Tadeusz Hagen),
Józef Pałeczka (prison guard),
Jerzy Grałek (doctor Wiaderny),
Mariola Pajączkowska (nurse at the prison doctor\'s office),
Łukasz Simlat (police officer Marcin Kudra),
Karina Seweryn (museum guide),
Halina Łabonarska (Helena Antończyk, museum manager),
Piotr Kazimierski (Grzegorz Zylewski, the painting custodian),
Andrzej Glazer (police officer Tałaj),
Dominik Bąk (police officer Szymański),
Jerzy Krupiński (chess player),
Grażyna Marzec (dean),
Dariusz Kwaśnik (Academy of Fine Arts professor),
Małgorzata Komornicka (Academy of Fine Arts professor),
Joanna Litewka (Werbus\'s daughter),
Piotr Litewka (Werbus\'s son),
Olaf Eysmont (Olaf Eysmont, TV reporter),
Aleksander Machalica (Piotr Krętałowicz),
Marian Dziędziel (Helmut),
Bogdan Sakowski (second-hand bookseller),
Zinaida Zagner (cleaner at the police station),
Beata Schimscheiner (cleaner at the police station),
Zbigniew Paterak (commissioner Pociecha),
Jan Dzięcioł (police bomb technician),
Igor Brejdygant (bus driver),
Masakazu Miyanaga (Tanaka),
Dorota Berny (Dorota Berny, TVN reporter),
Katarzyna Galica (City TV reporter),
Dorota Kolak (millionaire Barbara Sykalska),
Piotr Bujno (Sykalska\'s assistant),
Barbara Mastalerz (neigbor of "Cuma\'s" mother),
Halina Wyrodek (Zofia Cumińska, "Cuma\'s" mother),
Marek Bielecki (policeman at the parking lot),
Andrzej Mrożewski (examining professor),
Wojciech Bergier (egzaminer),
Wojciech Duryasz (Kreft),
Elżbieta Panas (Krętałowicz\'s wife)