galeria filmu Back to Life Again

Back to Life Again 1964


Poland in the Stalin period. The dramatic story of three people: an honest and idealistic communist, a Polish RAF pilot, and a ZMW (the Rural Youth Association) activist. Secretary of the Workers\' Party, Jakuszyn, intervenes on behalf of Peter, a former officer of the British air force, unfairly accused of collaboration with bandits. Peter is sentenced for ten years in prison, and Jakuszyn, for the alleged \'lack of vigilance\', loses his post and cannot even get to college. Anna, a young ZWM activist, also tries to save Peter. All in vain. Bitter and lonely, she marries a journalist Rydz, an opportunist and careerist. Stalin\'s death and the \'thaw\' change the situation radically. Jakuszyn gets promoted to a Secretary of the Provincial Committee while Peter – released and vindicated – not only manages to resurrect his military career, but also gets Anna back.

One of the most interesting films of the Gomulka\'s period, settling accounts with the past. After its theatrical release the film was put aside on a shelf and remained there for over twenty years.


1967 - San Sebastian International Film Festival - Award for directing

1967 - San Sebastian International Film Festiva - OCIC Award (International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisual)

1967 - Minister of Culture Award  for Janusza Morgensterna



Year of production:



historical/psychological drama



Technical specs:

Black and white, 91 min.


Syrena Film Production


Directed by:

Janusz Morgenstern

Written by:

Roman Bratny

Cinematography by:

Jerzy Wójcik

Edited by:

Mirosława Garlicka

Sound by:

Jan Czerwiński

Set Decoration by:

Halina Dobrowolska, Jerzy Groszang, Marek Iwaszkiewicz

Costume Designer:

Marian Kołodziej, Ludwina Mannowa

Production Manager:

Mieczysław Wajnberger


Andrzej Łapicki (Piotr Grajewski),
Tadeusz Łomnicki (Jakuszyn),
Ewa Wiśniewska (Anna Jankowska),
Edmund Fetting (Editor Rydz),
Tadeusz Kalinowski (Colonel),
Henryk Bąk (Grajewski\'s fellow prisoner)
Franciszek Pieczka (Grajewski\'s fellow prisoner),
Krzysztof Chamiec (commander of the National Armed Forces squad attacking the truck),
Kazimierz Opaliński (Grajewski\'s lawyer)
Wojciech Siemion (member of the District Committee, Jakuszyn\'s attacker)
Janusz Kłosiński (railwayman Burek, a member of the District Committee)
Jerzy Walczak (comrade, Jakuszyn\'s associate)
Jerzy Przybylski (Major Łapszewicz, Grajewski\'s friend from the RAF)