galeria filmu Matthew's Days

Matthew's Days 1967


This poetic story, combining fictional motives with elements of a fairy tale, presents the life of Matthew – an oversensitive man with the soul of a child. Treated with contempt and perceived as a dimwit by the society, Matthew lives in harmony with the surrounding nature. Together with his sister, Olga, he lives in a small house by a large lake. Matthew loves nature and truly enjoys its beauty and richness. One day he invites a man, whom he helped to get across the lake, to their house. Olga takes an instant liking to the man, thus initiating the series of dramatic events.


1969 - Inernational Film Festival - Youth Competition, Cannes - Grand Prix

1968 - Andrzej Munk Award - award by the National Film School in Łódź (Witold Leszczyński)

1968 - Chicago International Film Festival - „Silver Hugo” (Franciszek Pieczka)

1969 - Valladolid International Film Festival - I Prize

1969 - Kolombo International Film Festival - I Prize

1969 - Kolombo International Film Festival - Award by Ceylon Journalist Association

1970 - International Film Festival in Adelaide-Auckland - I Prize

1968 - Golden Duck - award by „Film” magazine in the category of the best Polish Film of 1968


Year of production:



psychological drama, poetic film



Technical specs:

Black and white, 76 min.


The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, Start Film Production


Directed by:

Witold Leszczyński

Written by:

Witold Leszczyński, Wojciech Solarz

Cinematography by:

Andrzej Kostenko

Edited by:

Zenon Piórecki

Sound by:

Wiesław Ćwikliński

Production Manager:

Tadeusz Baljon


Franciszek Pieczka (Matis),
Anna Milewska (Olga),
Wirgiliusz Gryń (Jan),
Aleksander Fogiel (Host),
Hanna Skarżanka (Hostess),
Małgorzata Braunek (Anna),
Maria Janiec (Ewa),
Elżbieta Nowacka (girl),
Kazimierz Borowiec (boy),
Aleksander Iwaniec (hunter),
Joanna Szczerbic