galeria filmu Golden Bottom

Golden Bottom 1995


Garik, the head of security in a gold mining company rules with an iron fist over a small settlement in Kolyma. All signs of resistance are punished severely, even by death. That is the picture of reality found by Dima nicknamed a "Tough guy", when he returns after a long time of wandering. Dima decides to fight against Garik. He is waging a struggle for the rights of the settlers, all the more so because there are more rebels in the village, including Dima\'s brother, Sasha. As a result of a fight in a bar and a subsequent shooting, Dima gets wounded. He is given shelter by a local doctor, Helena, who is also Garik\'s friend. But does she take the risk only out of a sense of professional duty? The next meeting of Dima and Garik at the bar ends in Garik being beaten up. It becomes clear that their next fight will be the last one. Indeed, Sashka gets killed in the shooting. Garik is badly wounded, but when Dima wants to shoot him, Helena shields him with her own body. Thus she settles the score – by saving Garik\'s life this time. Now she can be with Dima. Garik is defeated. Perhaps intimidated villagers will now return to their settlement bringing the hope for the revival of the gold-bearing land.


Year of production:



Aleksander Michajłow, Janusz Morgenstern





Technical specs:

Color, 88 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio, Kinostudio 12 A (Russian Federation)


Film Production Agency


Directed by:

Marek Nowicki

Written by:

Iwan Biriukow, Marek Nowicki

Cinematography by:

Łomer Achwlediani

Edited by:

E. Klimienko

Music by:

Walerij Miagkich

Sound by:

Władimir Kurganski

Set Decoration by:

Wadim Kisłych

Costume Designer:

E. Bogaczewa

Production Manager:

Walentyna Czutowa, Jerzy Rutowicz


Rołan Bykow (Solonieńki),

Siergiej Machowikow (Dima),

Małgorzata Foremniak (Helena),

Władimir Jakowlew (Sasza),

Aleksiej Guskow (Garik),

Michaił Biessonow (Kostia),

Wadim Bołgaczew (Żenia),

Michaił Boczarow (Nikołaj),

Olga Wasiljewa (Żużu),

Ludmiła Tatarowa (Walentina),

Jurij Czerkow (Fonia),

Krzysztof Fus.