galeria filmu Cupid's Bow

Cupid's Bow 1987


Cracow, the beginning of the First World War. Marysia Miechowska, whose husband Zdzich goes to serve at the front, entrusts her several-year-old boy to the care of Scout Adam. She helps the wounded and collects money for charity. When she finds out from a friend of her husband that he was reported missing, Marysia goes to her mother, to a town which is on the front line. Upon her return, it appears that her former maid had set up a brothel in her apartment. Miechowska moves in with her son to the house of Adam\'s parents, and Adam soon becomes her lover – neither the first nor the last one. When he learns that Maryśka is pregnant, he runs away to the front line. Miserable, she decides to have an abortion. Her next lover is Ramke, her husband\'s old acquaintance. Yet Maryśka remains an independent woman. She performs in a cabaret, where one day her husband Zdzich shows up, returning from captivity. He decides to leave Cracow, but Maryśka stops him at the station.
The film is based on the novel of Juliusz Kaden-Bandrowski entitled "Łuk" (The Bow)


1987 – Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – Award for Costume Design (Elżbieta Radke)


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 104 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Jerzy Domaradzki

Written by:

Jacek Kondracki, Jerzy Domaradzki

Cinematography by:

Jacek Bławut

Edited by:

Mirosława Garlicka

Music by:

Michał Lorenc

Sound by:

Piotr Knop

Set Decoration by:

Andrzej Przedworski

Costume Designer:

Elżbieta Radke

Production Manager:

Andrzej Połeć


Grażyna Trela (Maryśka Miechowska),
Jerzy Stuhr (associate professor Stanisław Ciąglewicz),
Henryk Bista (Ramke),
Olaf Lubaszenko (Adam Karowski),
Janusz Michałowski (professor Kałucki),
Piotr Machalica (Zdzich Miechowski, Maryśka\'s husband),
Anna Majcher (Nastka, the Miechowskis\' housemaid),
Ewa Isajewicz-Telega (Janina, Maryśka\'s friend),
Elżbieta Karkoszka (Mrs Karowska, Adam\'s mother),
Kazimierz Kaczor (doctor Smolarski),
Zbigniew Józefowicz (Mr Karowski, Adam\'s father),
Edward Żentara (Zatorski, Janina\'s fiancé),
Leon Niemczyk (colonel Otto von Palińsky),
Ewa Ciepiela (Maryśka\'s mother),
Łukasz Bogołembski (Feluś, the Miechowskis\' son),
Maria Probosz (Ciąglewicz\'s girlfriend),
Monika Niemczyk (Jadwiga Ciąglewicz),
Arkadiusz Orłowski (guest at the party held by Ramke),
Jan Łopuszniak (old Ramke),
Andrzej Gazdeczka (waiter),
Kazimierz Iwiński,
Janusz Sterniński (announcer)