galeria filmu Kill Me, Cop

Kill Me, Cop 1987


Jerzy Malik is a dangerous criminal. Despite his young age he has already a number of serious crimes on his scorecard. During his next stretch Malik escapes from prison, but soon gets caught by Captain Popczyk and taken to court. Yet Malik does not give up. During the trial he escapes from the courthouse with a help of his buddy Seweryn. This time catching him is not a simple task. Malik, under the new identity, lives now in Sosnowiec with Dorota, a doctor met by chance. The woman is so mad about him that even when she finds out who he really is, she does not hand him over to the police. Meanwhile, Malik is trying to leave the country. He extorts money from his former gang boss and organizes himself new papers. Aware that he will not be able to get rid of Popczyk, he decides to kill him. He breaks into the house of the Captain who is absent, and kills his wife and her lover. Now Popczyk has a personal reason to catch Malik, but that is why his superiors remove him from the case. The policeman, however, keeps pursuing his investigation. His colleagues fall on the trail of Dorota, but unfortunately it\'s too late – Malik is now in Warsaw, taking part in a mail van robbery. Yet Popczyk breathes down his neck and they finally meet face to face.


1988 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Editing Award (Jadwiga Zajicek)
1988 – The Filmmaking Committee Chairman\'s Award for the filmmaking output in the category of feature film of 1987 (Jacek Bromski)
1988 – The Filmmaking Committee Chairman\'s Award in the category of feature film of 1987 (Piotr Machalica)
1988 – The Filmmaking Committee Chairman\'s Award in the category of feature film of 1987 (Bogusław Linda)


Year of production:



crime drama



Technical specs:

Color, 82 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Jacek Bromski

Written by:

Jacek Bromski

Cinematography by:

Jacek Mierosławski

Edited by:

Jadwiga Zajicek

Music by:

Henri Seroka

Sound by:

Jerzy Szawłowski

Set Decoration by:

Jerzy Sajko

Costume Designer:

Wiesława Starska

Production Manager:

Dorota Ostrowska-Orlińska


Bogusław Linda (Jerzy Malik),
Piotr Machalica (captain Popczyk),
Anna Romantowska (Dorota, doctor helping Malik),
Maria Pakulnis (Teresa, Popczyk\'s wife),
Andrzej Grabarczyk (Jachimowski, Popczyk\'s partner),
Zbigniew Zamachowski (Seweryn, Malik\'s fellow prisoner),
Marek Barbasiewicz ("Donald", Stawski\'s man),
Tomasz Lengren (Kwapiński, Popczyk\'s partner),
Jolanta Piętek-Górecka (prostitute Mariola, Seweryn\'s girlfriend),
Halina Rowicka (doctor, Dorota\'s colleague),
Liza Machulska (policewoman Basia, Popczyk\'s partner),
Krzysztof Zaleski (forger of documents cooperating with the police),
Juliusz Machulski (doctor Chrzanowski, police collaborator),
Zbigniew Buczkowski (bartender at the "Acapulco"),
Jerzy Zass (Stawski, boss of the gang),
Aleksander Machalica ("Jojo", dealer cooperating with Popczyk),
Maria Probosz (Stawski\'s mistress),
Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak (Jadwiga, Malik\'s wife),
Anna Chodakowska (prostitute Violetta, Mariola\'s colleague),
Piotr Fronczewski (Zientara, police expert),
Marek Walczewski (fence),
Olgierd Łukaszewicz (Marian Puciałło, Teresa Popczyk\'s lover),
Jan Machulski (Popczyk\'s boss),
Henryk Talar (Skaruch, policeman from Katowice),
Karol Strasburger (gangster participating in the train robbery),
Krzysztof Kolberger (man in the elevator),
Witold Maj (Benedyk\'s father, clairvoyant),
Jerzy Dowoyna-Sylwestrowicz,
Włodzimierz Musiał (prison guard),
Janusz Bylczyński (Malik\'s lawyer),
Ryszard Barycz (judge),
Dorota Maciejewska (blonde at the "Acapulco"),
Andrzej Grąziewicz (Wilmański, Skaruch\'s subordinate),
Marcin Troński (Stawski\'s gangster),
Andrzej Żółkiewski (Stawski\'s gangster),
Jacek Jarosz (inspector),
Stanisław Wyszyński (doctor operating Popczyk\'s wife),
Tadeusz Wojtych (janitor of the residential block in the Ursynów district),
Piotr Grabowski (vice squad policeman),
Wojciech Skibiński (grade crossing attendant)