New film by Jacek Bromski "Ticket to the Moon" made in co-production with Zebra Film Studio.

On 18 September 2012 Jacek Bromski completed shooting of his latest film "Ticket to the Moon" ("Bilet na księżyc").


"Ticket to the Moon" is aimed at young audiences, who did not experience the reality of life in the communist Poland. I would like to remind the viewers who associate this period mainly with Bareja's comedies and Piwowski's "Rejs" ("The Cruise") the true face of reality during this period" – says about his film Jacek Bromski.


The protagonist of a film is a young boy, Adam, called up into the Polish People's Army and assigned to serve in the Navy in the formation of submarines. Along with his brother Antoni he sets out to the military unit to Świnoujście. During several days of traveling through Poland they visit Antoni's friends: his ex-girlfriend, mates from the army, and make new acquaintances.

According to the plan of the older brother, the trip is supposed to "prepare" the younger one for the difficult life in the army; among other things it should lead to Adam's sexual initiation to avoid him being a laughing stock in the military. The adventures of the young men are presented against a background of significant historical events of the late 1960s covered by the communist media in a characteristic convention. This is a classic road movie. Yet the "road" in this case is quite unconventional, set in tragicomical realities of life in communist Poland.

The leading roles are played by Filip Pławiak (Adam), making his debut with this feature, and Mateusz Kościukiewicz (Antoni). The supporting cast includes among others Anna Przybylska, Bożena Adamek and Krzysztof Stroiński.


"The story is set against the background of  historical events of July 1969, when a man landed on the Moon. That's when the Captain of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, said stepping onto the lunar surface: 'That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.' And that's the alternative title: "One small step for a man," - says Jacek Bromski.