galeria filmu Far From the Other

Far From the Other 1995


Marcin Borowski goes to Lvov on a business trip. There he meets his ex girlfriend, Maria Marczuk, a teacher and a single parent bringing up her son Michał. During a tough conversation Marcin realizes that Michał is his son – the fruit of their students\' love. He is almost certain of that. After returning home, Marcin invites Maria along with Michał to come to Warsaw. Unfortunately, on their way to Warsaw Maria gets killed in a criminal assault. When Marcin finds out about it, he resolves to take care of Michał. At first he does not want Michał to be put in the orphanage, but after some time he starts considering such possibility. The boy, having learned about this, decides to escape on his own to Ukraine.


Year of production:






Technical specs:

Color, 95 min.


Film Production Agency


Directed by:

Feliks Falk

Written by:

Feliks Falk, Maciej Karpiński

Cinematography by:

Tomasz Wert

Edited by:

Grażyna Gradoń

Music by:

Henryk Kuźniak

Sound by:

Jerzy Szawłowski, Ryszard Krupa

Set Decoration by:

Dorota Ignaczak

Costume Designer:

Małgorzata Obłoza

Production Manager:

Dorota Ostrowska-Orlińska


Artur Żmijewski (Marcin Borowski),
Mateusz Kosiorowski (Michał Marczuk, son of Maria and Marcin),
Małgorzata Foremniak (Dorota, Marcin\'s fiancée),
Joanna Jeżewska (Maria Marczuk, Michał\'s mother),
Roman Gancarczyk (Piotr, Marcin\'s collaborator),
Henryk Talar (police superintendent inquiring into Maria\'s death),
Paweł Nowisz (man looking after the building of old ofphanage),
Agnieszka Pilaszewska (doctor at the police station),
Anna Gornostaj (Ewa, Marcin\'s secretary),
Juliusz Berger (antiquarian bookseller in Lvov),
Jacek Hilchen (doctor examining Michał),
Stanisław Penksyk (Ukrainian consulate clerk),
Jerzy Molga (Bognar, the antique book buyer),
Joanna Kołakowska (Maria\'s friend),
Marcin Jędrzejewski (policeman),
Paweł Burczyk (priest, carer in the Polish community abroad camp),
Aleksander Chochłow (Ukrainian consulate clerk),
Katarzyna Bargiełowska (Krystyna, Piotr\'s wife),
Katarzyna Chomiak (Ukrainian woman, Michał\'s babysitter),
Sława Wojniewicz (stallholder),
Aleksander Dejcew (stallholder),
Janusz Chlebowski (skinhead),
Jerzy Pakos (skinhead),
Maciej Staszewski (skinhead),
Andrzej Paczos (skinhead)