galeria filmu Smaller Sky

Smaller Sky 1980


Artur, a 45-year-old scientist, leaves his family and his job. He has been living at the railway station for 9 days now. Although in the past Artur took care of the household budget and his own finances and never caused any hassle or got in anyone\'s way, paradoxically people around him think that he is the one who needs care and assistance. The former researcher at the institute of microbiology living in the station hotel and dining at the station bars, in need of some rest and solitude, seems a noteworthy object for both the psychiatrist, Dr. Barcz and Marek – a journalist whose career is fading and who hopes to return to the top owing to an article about Artur. Behavior beyond the accepted patterns meets with a defensive response from the society. Where, then, is a space for individuality?


1983 - IFF Panama - Best Sceenplay Award (Janusz Morgenstern)

1983 - International Film Festival in Poitiers - Grand Prix (Janusz Morgenstern)


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 94 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Janusz Morgenstern

Written by:

Janusz Morgenstern

Cinematography by:

Ryszard Lenczewski

Edited by:

Barbara Grodner

Music by:

Zygmunt Krauze

Sound by:

Leonard Księżak

Set Decoration by:

Wojciech Krysztofiak

Costume Designer:

Marta Kobierska

Production Manager:

Jerzy Rutowicz


Roman Wilhelmi (Artur Gutner),
Beata Tyszkiewicz (Elżbieta, Artur\'s wife),
Jan Englert (Marek Weber, TV journalist),
Władysław Kowalski (Filip Szmidt, Artur\'s friend),
Janusz Zaorski (doctor Barcz, psychiatrist),
Tomasz Jarosiński (Daniel, Artur\'s son),
Jadwiga Polanowska (Filip\'s wife),
Monika Stefanowicz (Monika, Artur\'s daughter),
Mieczysław Verocsy (operator),
Jacek Łomnicki (operator), Walentyna Jędrych (Helena),
Jan Prochyra (Karol, Filip\'s acquaintance),
Ferdynand Matysik (railwayman),
Andrzej Wojaczek (Stefan, worker unloading mail car),
Paweł Stasiak (Julian),
Jerzy Kośnik (operator),
Janina Szarek (young woman),
Andrzej Szopa (young man)