galeria filmu The Palace

The Palace 1980


The Second World War. The front line moves toward the village. Jakub, the manor shepherd, observes his master with the family and the servants running away. With a bit of hesitation he enters the deserted palace and imagines that he is the heir. Soon the distinction between the real world and imagination blurs in the mind of the peasant: in the golden picture frames he sees the portrait of his father, the lackeys give him deep bows, he exercises the "first night" right thus causing the husband of the disgraced girl hang himself from a tree in front of the palace, he gives his favorite canary a royal funeral, orders his portrait to be painted, organizes magnificent balls. Yet, none of these personifications of his master make him happy. He nostalgically recollects the past and his flock of sheep, musing also about death. When the front comes, a fire breaks out in the palace. All the precious furniture burst into flames, but Jakub stays inside.


1980 – "The Youth and Film" Koszalin Film Festival – Award for the directorial debut (Tadeusz Junak)
1980 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Cinematography (Ryszard Lenczewski)
1980 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Sound (Jan Czerwiński)
1980 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Sound (Jerzy Blaszyński)
1980 – Gdynia Film Festival – Best Editing (Janina Niedźwiecka)
1981 – "Golden Camera" – awarded by the "Film" monthly in the category of directorial debut in a feature film of 1980 (Tadeusz Junak)


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 89 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Tadeusz Junak

Written by:

Tadeusz Junak

Cinematography by:

Ryszard Lenczewski

Edited by:

Janina Niedźwiecka

Music by:

Leszek Orlewicz

Sound by:

Jan Czerwiński, Jerzy Blaszyński

Set Decoration by:

Elżbieta Karwańska

Costume Designer:

Małgorzata Moskwa-Braszka, Ewa Krauze

Production Manager:

Halina Kawecka


Janusz Michałowski (Jakub),
Bożena Adamek (girl),
Halina Gryglaszewska (Jakub\'s mother),
Elżbieta Karkoszka (consumptive),
Danuta Kisiel (Her Ladyship),
Stanisław Frąckowiak (His Lordship and Jan the butler),
Adam Fornal (count),
Eugeniusz Kujawski (cousin),
Erwin Nowiaszek (painter),
Zdzisław Kozień (priest),
Roman Stankiewicz (Jakub\'s father),
Wiktor Sadecki (bishop),
Dorota Fellman (bride),
Wanda Koczeska (duchess; in the opening credits as Koczewska),
Ireneusz Karamon (peasant with a picture),
Michał Leśniak (innkeeper),
Mikołaj Muller (baron),
Zbigniew Papis (count),
Stefan Szmidt (duke),
Wiesław Wójcik (little man),
Edward Wnuk (bridegroom),
Stanisław Wieszczycki (judge)