galeria filmu Hunting Flies

Hunting Flies 1969


Thirty something Włodek, a would-be graduate of Russian philology and a modest bookstore employee leads a boring, flat life with his wife Hanka, his son and in-laws. He lacks any professional ambitions and interests. Włodek feels completely dominated by his wife and his mother in law. One day, on the pretext of buying cigarettes he leaves the house with the intention never to come back. By chance he meets a Polish philology student Irena and gets involved in an affair with her. Irena is determined to make him the man of her dreams. Almost against his will, she tries to promote him as a translator and even writer, the fortune\'s favorite and the highlight of Warsaw society. But her efforts are in vain.
"Hunting Flies" is a satire on the progressive changes in a society where women are becoming more and more imperious and dominant, while men get weaker and gradually lose their masculine identity.


1970 – "Summer of Films" Film Festival, Łagów – Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Hanna Skarżanka)


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 104 min.


PRF Film Productions


Directed by:

Andrzej Wajda

Written by:

Janusz Głowacki

Cinematography by:

Zygmunt Samosiuk

Edited by:

Halina Prugar

Music by:

Andrzej Korzyński

Sound by:

Wiesława Dembińska

Set Decoration by:

Teresa Barska

Costume Designer:

Renata Własow

Production Manager:

Barbara Pec-Ślesicka


Zygmunt Malanowicz (Włodek),
Małgorzata Braunek (Irena, Włodek\'s mistress),
Hanna Skarżanka (Włada, Włodek\'s mother-in-law),
Ewa Skarżanka (Hanka, Włodek\'s wife)
Józef Pieracki (Włodek\'s father-in-law),
Daniel Olbrychski (sculptor left by Irena),
Irena Dziedzic ("Myśli Młodych" prose department editor),
Leszek Drogosz (policeman recounting Włodek his adventures),
Jacek Fedorowicz (director from television at the party in Nieporęt),
Marek Grechuta (son of "important person" at the party in Nieporęt),
Irena Laskowska (wife of the editor in chief of "On i Ona" at the party in Nieporęt),
Julia Bratna (girl holding "serious talks"),
M Ziółkowski (boy holding "serious talks"),
Leon Bukowiecki (editor in chief of "On i Ona"),
K Burnatowicz,
Witold Dederko (neighbor pouring out milk from Włodek),
Stefan Friedmann (club\'s frequent visitor),
Antonina Girycz (Włodek\'s boss),
Jerzy Kaczmarek,
Jerzy Karaszkiewicz (Włodek\'s colleague met in the club),
Andrzej Krasicki (guest at Nieporęt),
Tomasz Lengren (club\'s frequent visitor),
Artur Litwiński (Artur, Włodek\'s son),
Jolanta Lothe (editor Basia at the party in Nieporęt),
Wanda Lothe-Stanisławska,
Mirosław Majchrowski,
E. Odrobiński,
Ryszard Pracz (captain handing in the cap to Włodek),
Ludwik Pak (author dancing with Basia at the party in Nieporęt),
Marek Perepeczko (man complaining about pantyhoses at the "Myśli Młodych" editorial office),
Ryszard Pietruski (greenhouse owner at the party in Nieporęt),
Jerzy Próchnicki (guest at Nieporęt), Marek Siatecki,
Kazimiera Utrata (policewoman at handing in the cup to Włodek),
Mieczysław Waśkowski (sleeping policeman at handing in the cup to Włodek),
Ryszard Poznakowski ("Bliscy Płaczu" band member at the party in Nieporęt),
S Kowalewski ("Bliscy Płaczu" band member at the party in Nieporęt),
Krzysztof Krawczyk ("Bliscy Płaczu" band member at the party in Nieporęt),
Marian Lichtman ("Bliscy Płaczu" band member at the party in Nieporęt)