galeria filmu The Sable And The Girl

The Sable And The Girl 1983


Lithuania, the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The history of a romance between Michał Rajecki – a high-born and well-off student, and a poor and full of merits pretty Warszulka. The two meet while hunting and start seeing each other. Despite the social and financial differences love blossoms between the two of them, hindered however by social conventions. The young master soon ceases to show affection to the girl who is genuinely in love with him, and – acting out of remorse – arranges her marriage to a local wealthy peasant, Józef. When he realizes he made a mistake, it is too late.
The film is based on the novel by Joseph Weyssenhoff of 1911 entitled "The Sable And The Girl".


Year of production:



historical drama



Technical specs:

Color, 88 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio


Directed by:

Hubert Drapella

Written by:

Hubert Drapella

Cinematography by:

Stanisław Jaworski

Edited by:

Maria Kuźmińska-Lebiedzik

Music by:

Maciej Małecki

Sound by:

Stanisława Dobek

Set Decoration by:

Roman Różycki

Costume Designer:

Irena Włodarczyk

Production Manager:

Edward Kłosowicz


Jolanta Nowak (Warszulka)
Jacek Borkowski (Michał Rajecki),
Jan Englert (Stanisław Pucewicz),
Józef Duriasz (Łaukinis, Warszulka\'s uncle),
Andrzej Precigs (curate Lelejko),
Adam Baumann (Baron August; in the opening credits as Bauman),
Jolanta Cichoń (girl working on Pucewicz\'s farm),
Andrzej Krasicki (guest of the Baron and Baroness, one of the hunters),
Dorota Kwiatkowska (Baroness),
Anna Lenartowicz (Aniela Trembel, Pucewicz\'s fiancée),
Beata Maj (girl working on Pucewicz\'s farm),
Adam Marjański (Józef Trembel; in the opening credits as Mariański),
Jarosława Michalewska (Paraska, girl at Czerwiński\'s place),
Anna Milewska (Mrs Rajecka, Michał\'s mother),
Jolanta Nowińska (girl working on Pucewicz\'s farm),
Lech Ordon (captain),
Beata Paluch (girl working on Pucewicz\'s farm),
Jerzy Prażmowski (coachman Antoni),
Anna Seniuk (Marcel\'s hostess),
Hanna Skarżanka (guest of the Baron and Baroness),
Bogusław Sochnacki (forester Czerwiński),
Lech Sołuba (guest of the Baron and Baroness, one of the hunters),
Barbara Sołtysik (guest of the Baron and Baroness),
Marian Szul,
Eugeniusz Wałaszek (Father Stuligiński, the parish priest)