galeria filmu Yes, Yes

Yes, Yes 1991


The 1970s. Marek is a man very popular with women. While studying at the Sorbonne University in Paris, he meets a beautiful Frenchwoman, Karen, with whom he becomes emotionally involved. Unfortunately, the young man\'s intensive and strenuous way of life finally affects his health. The test results are disturbing – the doctors suspect emphysema. Marek returns to Poland followed by Karen, in whom, by this time, he is no longer interested. Notwithstanding his health problems, Marek is determined to pursue his erotic conquests. In hospital he meets Zuzia, the nurse who out of concern for the patient is ready to do whatever it takes to ease his suffering, even in the pre-op room. The outcome of this new romance is a child whom Marek truly loves. Yet, what Zuzia expects from the father of her child is fidelity and responsibility, being of no interest to Marek. All the more so because he meets Krystyna, a VIP\'s wife whom he finds very attractive. In order not to lose his loved one he follows her to the US, traveling as a fare dodger. But there he will face a profound disappointment.


Year of production:



erotic comedy



Technical specs:

Color, 82 min.


Perspektywa Film Studio, Flach Film, Polish Television TVP S.A., La SEPT (France)


Directed by:

Jacek Gąsiorowski

Written by:

Jacek Gąsiorowski

Cinematography by:

Witold Adamek

Edited by:

Ewa Smal

Music by:

Michał Urbaniak

Sound by:

Mariusz Kuczyński

Set Decoration by:

Teresa Gruber, Denis Champenois

Costume Designer:

Ewa Krauze

Production Manager:

Iwona Ziułkowska, Morelba Pacheco, Anna Wajs


Zbigniew Zamachowski (Marek),
Maria Gładkowska (Krystyna),
Julie Japhet (Karen),
Monika Bolly (Zuzia),
Piotr Machalica (Jan Miksiński, TV director),
Krystyna Tkacz (Flora, television journalist),
Małgorzata Potocka (television journalist),
Karina Szafrańska (censor Ewa),
Grzegorz Warchoł (head of artistic department in television),
Aleksandra Zawieruszanka (Zuzia\'s mother),
Andrzej Fedorowicz (Krystyna\'s husband),
Hanna Stankówna (Karen\'s mother),
Witold Skaruch (Karen\'s father),
Anna Ciepielewska (Fanny, Karen\'s aunt),
Gustaw Lutkiewicz (Karen\'s uncle),
Anna Milewska (Marek\'s mother),
Bogdan Baer (Marek\'s father),
Joanna Jędryka (paediatrician),
Agnieszka Makowska (Bożenka, girl met in Cracow),
Piotr Urbaniak (Bożenka\'s fiancé),
Max Morel,
Bob Womack,
Corinne Chateau,
Antoni Orłoś (Hipcio, son of Zuzia and Marek),
Lew Rywin (Karen\'s American fiancé),
Andrzej Śródka (doctor examinig Marek),
Tomasz Zygadło (director Rydel),
Janusz Wiśniewski,
Ewa Krauze,
Isabelle Fauvel,
Iwona Ziułkowska,
Krzysztof Lang (labor ward doctor),
Morelba Pacheco,
Beata Augustyniak,
Renata Berger (TV sound technician),
Marek Brodzki,
Paweł Maria Dolewski,
Marcin Francuz,
Maciej Gąsiorowski,
Antonina Girycz (television journalist),
Małgorzata Jarecka,
Małgorzata Jędruszczak (woman at the party in New York),
Jan Jurewicz (actor)