galeria filmu To Kill This Love

To Kill This Love 1972


The story of two secondary-school graduates, Magda and Andrzej, and their spontaneous love. The young people fail to get to college. She takes a job in a hospital as a nursing orderly to get the missing points; he cannot find work. They move together into a rented room, but soon it turns out that Andrzej has won it owing to an affair with his boss\'s wife and the theft of an icon. His boss demands the return of the icon or the money. Andrzej finds forgiveness of Magda, but it soon comes to light that he visits her just to steal money from their cash box.


1976 - "Summer of Films" Film Festiwal, Łagów - Grand Prix („Złote Grono” Award)

1973 - "Summer of Films" Film Festiwal, Łagów - Best Actress Award (Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak)

1973 - Lubuskie Lato Filmowe, Łagów - Best Supporting Actress Award (Barbara Wrzesińska)

1973 - Zbyszek Cybulski Award (Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak)

1973 - Festival of Film Debuts "The Youth and Film", Koszalin - Jury Distinction (Janusz Morgenstern)

1973 - Festival of Film Debuts "The Youth and Film", Koszalin - Actor\'s Award (Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak)


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 92 min.


Iluzjon Film Studio


Directed by:

Janusz Morgenstern

Written by:

Janusz Głowacki

Cinematography by:

Zygmunt Samosiuk

Edited by:

Barbara Kosidowska

Music by:

Bohdan Mazurek

Sound by:

Nikodem Wołk-Łaniewski

Set Decoration by:

Andrzej Płocki

Costume Designer:

Anna Biedrzycka

Production Manager:

Jerzy Buchwald


Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak (Magda),
Andrzej Malec (Andrzej),
Władysław Kowalski (doctor),
Barbara Wrzesińska (boss\'s wife, Andrzej\'s lover),
Alicja Jachiewicz (Dzidzia, partner of Magda\'s father),
Jan Englert (Andrzej\'s boss, a garage owner),
Janusz Bylczyński (Magda\'s father),
Tomasz Lengren (Staszek, Andrzej\'s roommate),
Jan Himilsbach (building site watchman),
Zdzisław Maklakiewicz (the name appeared in the opening credits and most sources inform that Maklakiewicz played the role of director; in fact the actor did not appear in the film),
Ryszard Pracz (policeman Rysio),
Andrzej Dobosz (man summoned by the Commission for Work Shirkers),
Ewa Ziętek (nurse),
Bożena Dykiel (nurse),
Witold Dębicki (clergyman Władek, Andrzej\'s friend),
A. Michałowska,
Mieczysław Łoza (chairman of the Commission for Work Shirkers, acquaintance of Andrzej\'s father),
Jerzy Próchnicki (man walking Andrzej to the commission chairman),
Leszek Kowalewski (Health and Safety worker in a car factory)