galeria filmu Everything For Sale

Everything For Sale 1968


During the shooting of a film the lead actor fails to turn up on the movie set. The director replaces him in the scene of jumping onto a moving train. Ela – the actor\'s wife and former director\'s mistress, together with Beata – the director\'s wife and former actor\'s love make efforts to find him. In the course of this search, they realize that he died jumping off the moving train. The director does not know what to do with the unfinished film.

"Everything for Sale" is a film inspired by Zbigniew Cybulski\'s tragic death. The director tells about his own creative explorations and intersperses truth with fiction, thus creating an inseparable whole.


1969 – "Warsaw Mermaid" Award of the Club of Film Critics of the Polish Journalists Association – in the feature film category, granted by the Jury of the 1st "Summer of Films" Film Festiwal in Łagów


Year of production:



psychological drama



Technical specs:

Color, 94 min.



Directed by:

Andrzej Wajda

Written by:

Andrzej Wajda

Cinematography by:

Witold Sobociński

Edited by:

Halina Prugar

Music by:

Andrzej Korzyński

Sound by:

Wiesława Dembińska

Set Decoration by:

Wiesław Śniadecki

Costume Designer:

Katarzyna Chodorowicz

Production Manager:

Barbara Pec-Ślesicka


Beata Tyszkiewicz (Beata, director\'s wife),
Elżbieta Czyżewska (Ela, actor\'s wife),
Andrzej Łapicki (Andrzej, director of "Everything For Sale"),
Daniel Olbrychski (Daniel),
Witold Holtz (Witek, assistant director),
Małgorzata Potocka ("Mała"),
Elżbieta Kępińska (actress in the Ateneum Theater),
Bogumił Kobiela (Bobek),
Irena Laskowska (forester\'s wife),
Tadeusz Kalinowski (forester),
Wiesław Dymny (Wiesio, attendant on the historical film set),
Wojciech Solarz (man referring the actor\'s concept screenplay on the historical film set),
Józef Fukś,
Witold Dederko (cab driver),
Andrzej Kostenko (Kostek, cameraman in "Everything For Sale"),
Tadeusz Baljon (production manager in "Everything For Sale"),
Jacek Domański (boy at the actor\'s funeral),
Bohdan Ejmont (cloakroom attendant in "The Quarries"),
Krzysztof Fus,
Andrzej Gawroński (set manager),
I Harasimowicz,
Walentyna Hoffman (banquet guest),
Mieczysław Kalenik (policeman),
Jerzy Karaszkiewicz (banquet guest),
Bogdan Łysakowski (banquet guest),
Elżbieta Nowacka,
Ryszard Ostałowski,
Adam Pawlikowski (man at the bar in "The Quarries"),
Leonard Pietraszak (banquet guest, afterwards mourner at the actor\'s funeral)