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Juliusz Machulski • Studio Filmowe ZEBRA

Director, screenwriter and film producer. Between 1973 and 1974 he studied Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw. Graduated from the Direction Faculty of the State Film School in Łódź in 1978. Between 1984 and 1985 he studied at Cal Arts in California (Fulbright Scholarship). In 1988 he founded Zebra Film Studio which he has been heading up to present. In 1993, a lecturer of film direction at Hunter College in New York City. Author and producer of the most popular Polish films which won numerous awards.


His first films were film-school exercises: “Paralaksa” (Parallax), “Wolna sobota” (Saturday off) and “Gorączka mleka” (Milk Fever) – all of them awarded at the Warsaw Short Film Festival in 1978 (FIPRESCI award and Jury award). The creator of cult Polish movies, such as: “Vabank” (Vabank), “Seksmisja” (Sexmission), “Vabank II, czyli riposta” (Vabank II), “Kingsajz” (King Size) and “Kiler” (Kiler). Author of TV plays: "Jury" (The Jury), "19. południk" (19th Meridian), “Przerwanie działań wojennych” (Cease-fire), “Next-ex” (Next-ex), "Matka brata mojego syna" (Mother of my son's brother), "Brancz" (Brunch).


Feature debut of Juliusz Machulski, “Vabank”, has become one of the biggest hits of the Polish cinematography. Polish comedy of all time, “Seksmisja”, written and directed by Juliusz Machulski, gathered about 12 million viewers in theaters in Poland in less than a year since its premiere. “Szwadron” (Squadron), of which Machulski was director, screenwriter and producer, was the Polish entry to the Oscar® Academy Award in 1993. The rights to the remake of “Kiler” directed by Machulski were purchased by the Walt Disney Company. Juliusz Machulski is a producer of feature film "In Darkness" (Polish title: "W ciemności") by Agnieszka Holland, which was nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar®) in the category of Best Foreign Film in 2012.


Apart from his reach output in direction, screenwriting and film production, Juliusz Machulski sometimes appears as an actor. He played the main role in Krzysztof Kieślowski's film "Personel" (The Staff).


Winner of numerous awards and honorable mentions in the film industry (including six awards of Golden Lions at Gdynia Film Festival, Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Eagles awarded by the Polish Film Academy, the Warsaw Mermaid of the Polish Journalists Association, the Golden Tape awarded by the Polish Filmmakers Association, three Golden Claquers at Gdynia Film Festival, six Golden Ducks granted by the “Film” monthly magazine and a number of awards granted by film distribution industry for best cinema attendance and box-office), as well as state awards (1986 – the award of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the contribution to the promotion of the Polish culture worldwide, 1991 – the award of the Chairman of the Cinematography Committee, 1999 – the award of the Minister of Culture and Art – in the film category).